Video - Chase Darnell

Momentum | Coral Spawn 2014

           Get ready to experience the mind set, dedication, and passion required to witness an event as rare as the Coral Spawn. Learn what drives two individuals who literally spend everyday on the water to push forward with their exploration of an ecosystem that they have been diving for over 10 years. Lastly but not least be ready to experience the Coral Spawn like you have never seen before. Building off of last years project, we couldn't be happier to release this years project to you, and share with you a true experience of a lifetime!

Accepted into Beneath the Waves Film Festival 2014

Accepted and Nominated for an award at CayFilm 2015. Showing June 19 in Grand Cayman. 

The Making of "Momentum (2014) - Coral Spawning Grand Cayman. 

Moments | 2014-2015 Highlight Reel

This is a compilation of my work over the past 12 months here in Grand Cayman.

Most footage was shot at 720p at 60fps for slow motion.

Cameras -

Canon t2i

Canon HF G10

Canon 5D Mk II

Ikelite, Gates and Light and Motion equipment. 

Exported at 720p at 24fps

A sequence of clips put together from one evening out filming in the surf. Ready for the next swell, ready to be back in the water.

Surfers - Jon Casson & Mica Koll

film/edit - Chase Darnell

Music - Lovesick Fuck | Mura Masa

( Feelings | Leo Islo (

Gear - From land, Canon 5d MK ii & Canon t2i. Canon 70-200mm. Slowmotion - Canon t2i 720p 60fps converted down to 24fps. In water, Canon t2i Tokina 10-17mm Ikelite Underwater Systems Housing

Sunset Sessions - May 12th

After last years success at predicting and filming the Coral Spawn we made Revival a project that ignited a spark in our underwater videography and photography. We have prepped ourselves to out do, last year's footage, With last year's experience as our guide we will drop in with our cameras in hopes of being a spectator for this once a year event. With all of our knowledge gained from last year's experience we have feel that momentum pulling in our direction. So we bring you Momentum. A story that dives into the drive and passion that ultimately gives us the desire to witness and document an event such as the Coral Spawn even with the understanding that so many factors needing to align for us to hit that 20 window.

(Teaser) Momentum | Coral Spawn 2014

Revival | Coral Spawn 2013, Grand Cayman

So many factors go into the coral spawning every year, and we were fortunate enough to nail the timing. Thanks to Jorge's studying we were in the water at just the right time to experience this phenomenon. This was one of those nights that we are reminded why we all do this for a living, and the reasons being, we truly love diving. Some days our passion may be put in the back seat, but when it comes down to it, we just truly love being underwater.

Filmed by: Chase Darnell & Dusty Norman

Edited by: Chase Darnell

Macro Life, Grand Cayman

An on-going web series of the exploration and documentation of the macro life in the waters around Grand Cayman. Filmed with Dusty Norman and DNS Diving - Grand Cayman.


This young, but iconic artificial reef has quickly become a local favorite here in Cayman. The shallow depth and shear size of the wreck offer up opportunities for well lit dramatic images. When you prepare the camera for a "wreck" dive most would instantly think wide angle. Not that this would be a bad plan. The site has ample wide angle opportunities that would keep anyone with a camera busy for multiple dives. Don't be afraid to take a dive to explore the wreck for macro life though. Our many dives on the wreck have shown us it is also home to an array of macro life that we would be considered uncommon on other sites around the island. These are not just one time encounters. 

Macro Life, Grand Cayman Ep. IV - Ex USS Kittiwake

As we continue our exploration and filming on the wreck we find that most of these subjects can be found on a very regular basis. Not that anything in the underwater world is guaranteed, but more often that not we can find a couple of these little critters scattered throughout the dive site. The Kittiwake has without a doubt climbed to the top of the list of wrecks dives in the Caribbean and further more, the world. It's proximity to shore paired with the easy diving conditions of the Cayman's the wreck welcomes divers of all skills levels. Disappear into the lower decks of the ship or hang out on the main deck with common fly-bys of schooling Horse Eyed Jacks and feeding Spotted Eagle Rays. The ex-USS Kittiwake is an Ex-US Navy Submarine Rescue Vessel. She was sunk on January 5th, 2011 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to create an artificial reef and shipwreck attraction for scuba divers and snorkelers to visit and enjoy.The attraction is operated by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

Filmed by - Chase Darnell & Dusty Norman

Edited by - Chase Darnell

Music - With You By - Aurora Link - 

Macro Life, Grand Cayman Ep. III

With Ep. III we are in the water with a new setup! We are now shooting with the Canon 5D MK II with Canon 100mm Macro Lens and Subsea +10 Diopter, Ikelite Housing, Light and Motion Lights. The footage for this video was taken mostly up at the shore diving location known as Macabuca or Turtle Reef! We have been logging 100+ minute dives up in the hard pan looking for these crazy creatures. It adds another element to underwater videography. 

Not only do we want to find animals that are tough to spot with the human eye, we want vibrant and detailed images that show these hidden gems that this crazy ecosystem contains and how cool they are

After spending 20 minutes searching a 1x1 ft. patch of sand just to realize you have chosen the wrong place in the haystack to find the needle! Time to move on and keep searching. This form of diving/shooting is incredible rewarding, as when you do find what your looking for you are careful to nail the shot you have been picturing the whole dive. It makes you appreciate the opportunity you have with that subject and take full advantage of it!

Check out full critter list here.

Shot with - Canon 5D Mk II in an Ikelite Housing Lighting - x2 Light and Motion Sola 2000

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Filmed by: Dusty Norman

Edited by: Chase Darnell

We have without a doubt seen we have recently been getting really into the Macro life here in Grand Cayman. With so many treasures to find out there we have found our selves in the water searching for the little stuff when ever we have a free moment! Ep. II was filmed by Dusty, and it will not disappoint. Featuring some awesome Hermit Crab behavior shots, Arrow Crab, Lettuce Leaf Sea Slugs, and even a little creature we have yet to identify!

Shot with - Canon HFG10 in a Gates Housing Lighting - x2 Sola 1200 & x2 Sola 2000 Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Filmed by: Dusty Norman Edited by: Chase Darnell

Macro Life, Grand Cayman Ep. II

Macro Life, Grand Cayman Ep. I

Grand Cayman has a lot going for it when it comes to underwater photo/video.  A friendly Hawksbill Turtle Population, soaring Spotted Eagle Rays, shear drop-offs, and endless clear water. Having all this at your fingertips makes it easy to overlook the macro life this island has to offer. This footage was all taken on a shore dive at Turtle Reef. Some people refer to this location as the Turtle Farm or Macabuca. Often you see the rolling of eyes when "shore-dive" is mentioned, but this reef has the perfect location to produce flourishing coral, fish, and creature life. Being positioned on the North West side of the island gives this site an occasional moderate current. 

This first of all brings nutrients in that act as a catalyst for healthy sea life, as well as pulls sediment and run off from shore and pushes it away from the site. This video only shows the macro critters hanging out on the site, but I assure you there is more to be seen. The site is frequently visited by Stingrays, Turtles, and feeding Eagle Rays. Not to mention its amazing Soft and Hard Coral life, massive Sea Fans, and a good population of Anemones!

Shot with - Canon HFG10 in a Gates Housing Lighting - x2 Sola 1200 & x2 Sola 2000

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Filmed & Edited by: Chase Darnel