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As you compile many amazing experiences, and capture little glimpses of the magic along the way, there becomes a want to share and hear what others have to say about your work, or even to the next level producing a piece of work that actually inspires another photographer or helps them along the way of their photographical pursuit.  

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Canon G7X MKII - Fantasea Line Housing

Sony A6300 - Ikelite Underwater Housing System

Canon G9X - Fantasea Line Housing

SeaLife Micro 2.0

Sony RX100IV - Fantasea Line Housing

Olympus TG-4 - Olympus Housing

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Slow Your Role -

Underwater Photographer's Guide to Grand Cayman

Cayman's Kittiwake: The Big and the Small of it

DPG Photo Lab with Chase Darnell


Honourable Mention - Creative Vision the WYLAND Award of Outstanding Achievement 2016 | Ocean Geographic POFY

Behind the Scense

Gold - Surf, Deep Indonesia 2016


Bronze - Surf, Deep Indonesia 2016

Diggin In

3rd Place - Animal Behavior, Deep Indonesia 2015

Back for More

3rd Place - Wide-angle, Lions and Legends 2015

The Portal

Honorable Mention - Macro, Lions and Legends 2015

Golden Eye

Honorable Mention - Wide-angle, Lions and Legends 2015


Honorable Mention - Macro, Lions and Legends 2015

Red Eye

3rd Place - Macro, Lions and Legends 2014


Honorable Mention - Unusual, Lions and Legends 2014

Sky Horse



This was one of those nights that we are reminded why we all do this for a living, and the reasons being, we truly love diving. Some days our passion may be put in the back seat, but when it comes down to it, we just truly love being underwater. I hope everyone enjoys this video, and I hope it does the event justice. A co-worker and friend of mine was born, raised, and used to work as a diver in Columbia. There he had a bunch of Marine Biologist friends who were very interested in the spawning of coral. So of course we used his input to really pin point the time of the spawn.

Momentum | Coral Spawn 2014

Get ready to experience the mind set, dedication, and passion required to witness an event as rare as the Coral Spawn. Learn what drives two individuals who literally spend everyday on the water to push forward with their exploration of an ecosystem that they have been diving for over 10 years. Lastly but not least be ready to experience the Coral Spawn like you have never seen before. Building off of last years project, we couldn't be happier to release this years project to you, and share with you a true experience of a lifetime!

The Making of Momentum - Mozaik UW Cameras Interview

2015 CayFilm International Film Festival Finalist